Get Involved

Get Involved

Why Join a Life Activities Club?

Basically to have fun and make new friends – life’s better together and there’s something for everyone!

  • Make new friends in a relaxed, sociable and safe environment.
  • Receive support when faced with life-changing events such as retirement, redundancy, changing family situations, bereavement or moving into a new area.
  • Develop an active and enjoyable lifestyle.
  • Participate in a wide range of safe, healthy and stimulating activities offered by the Club. Activities are available to suit most interests and provide opportunities for members to keep physically, mentally and socially active in the company of their peers.
  • Club activities are available at a range of times. Most Clubs offer day, evening and weekend activities as well as holidays and trips.
  • Volunteer to participate in roles such as office bearer, committee member, or activity group convenor.
  • The Club is run by the members for the members and many people find participating in this worthwhile and rewarding.
  • Join in activities hosted by other LACs affiliated with LACVI.

Typical activities include:

  • Walking Exercise Golf
  • Cycling Table tennis Bird watching
  • Photography Wining & dining Dancing
  • Arts & crafts Computer groups Sports
  • Singing Cinema Live theatre
  • Travel Caravan/camping trips Book clubs
  • Writing groups Cards Board games

And if your favourite activity is not currently provided, suggest it, and it will probably happen.

‘Try before you buy’

Most Clubs allow prospective members to attend 2-3 activities before joining

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